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What is the best Verizon deals right now?

Looking to cut costs? Your cell phone and wireless bill is an excellent place to start. Verizon is offering attractive deals that can help you either upgrade your current device at a lower cost or reduce your monthly bill, putting more money back in your pocket, especially beneficial for existing Verizon customers.

Discover affordable iPhones, valuable Samsung smartphone-and-tablet bundles, and much more at Verizon. This month, Verizon is heating up the competition with AT&T and T-Mobile by rolling out fantastic sales on the latest mobile devices, including Apple iPhones and Samsung’s cutting-edge foldable phones, designed to attract consumers into signing new contracts or switching carriers. Additionally, Verizon is tempting customers with various internet plans and accessory deals.

This guide focuses specifically on Verizon deals for current customers, offering great options without the need to add new lines—a common preference among those looking to upgrade their phone on an existing plan rather than expanding their service.

It’s important to remember that carriers frequently update their deals, with the best offers typically appearing around holiday seasons or coinciding with new phone launches—expect major deals around February or March for Samsung Galaxy S phones and in the fall for Apple iPhones and Google Pixel phones. Currently, Verizon boasts some enticing offers, though the most advantageous deals might require enrolling in one of the carrier’s newer, more premium unlimited plans.

While some manufacturers, especially Apple and Samsung, present deals through their own websites and stores, many consumers prefer to navigate these offers through carriers. We’ll continue to keep this page refreshed with the top deals found on Verizon’s website, ensuring you have the latest information to maximize your savings.

Unlock Savings on Your Cell Phone and Wireless Bills

Cutting costs on your wireless bill is a smart move, especially for Verizon customers looking to upgrade their devices or reduce monthly expenses. Verizon offers enticing deals on iPhones, Samsung smartphones, and more, aiming to keep more money in your pocket.

Exclusive Verizon Offers for Loyal Customers

This guide zeroes in on Verizon’s deals for existing customers, offering significant savings without the need to add new lines. It’s tailored for those seeking to enhance their current plan with a new device.

Discover the Best Verizon Phone Deals

Verizon’s current promotions include discounts on the latest Apple iPhones and Samsung’s innovative foldable phones. These deals, designed to rival AT&T and T-Mobile, encourage customers to sign new contracts or switch carriers. Also, Verizon presents various internet plans and accessory deals worth exploring.

Trade-In Offers for Substantial Savings

Verizon rewards customers with discounts on the iPhone 15 series and top Android devices for trade-ins of older models. Even damaged phones are eligible, provided the battery is intact. The savings are distributed over 36 months of bill credits, ensuring loyalty to Verizon’s service plans.

Maximize Savings with Verizon’s Plan Deals

Switching to Verizon or upgrading your plan can be more appealing with special promotions. While plan deals are less frequent, Verizon enriches its offerings with free streaming services and music subscriptions on select plans.

Verizon’s Discounts for Educators, Healthcare Workers, and More

Verizon extends discounts to teachers, nurses, military personnel, and college students, offering significant monthly savings. These discounts are a token of appreciation for their service and commitment, making Verizon’s plans more accessible.

FAQs: Making the Most of Verizon Deals

Verizon caters to both new and existing customers with its wide array of deals. It’s crucial to understand the terms, such as the 36-month bill credit arrangement, to fully benefit from these offers.

Navigating Early Termination

Leaving Verizon before the end of your bill credit term could result in owing the remaining balance. It’s important to be aware of these details before making any changes to your service.

See at Verizon

For the latest and most comprehensive deals, Verizon’s official website is the go-to source. It offers detailed information on current offers, ensuring you can make an informed decision about upgrading your device or plan.

By taking advantage of Verizon’s deals, customers can enjoy significant savings on their wireless bills, making it easier to stay connected without breaking the bank.

  • Free Phone Promo @ Verizon.com

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  • Free iPhone @ Verizon

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  • Up to 25% Verizon Military Discount

    Verizon Savings on wireless and internet plans for the military, veterans and their families.
    All active duty, reserves, and national guard are eligible.
    This discount is also extended to retired military, veterans and their families through Veterans Advantage.
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  • iPhone 15 Promo. No Trade-in Required @ Verizon

    iPhone 15 Pro

    Get iPhone 15 Pro on us. With any iPhone trade-in. With new line on Unlimited Ultimate.


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  • Student discounts, save up to $25/month

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    Best Deal for College Students

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  • Up to $25 off Monthly @ Verizon

    Firefighters, police, EMS workers, retirees, volunteers and immediate family

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  • Verizon 5G phone Promotion

    Get select 5G phones on us. Select smartphone trade-in & new line on Unlimited Ultimate req'd

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  • $25 a line @ Verizon Wireless

    Starting at $25/line when you switch & bring 4 phones on Welcome Unlimited w/autopay. Plus, taxes & fees.

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  • Verizon Spring Deals

    Free Phones

    free iPhones, iPads, Samsung, Pixel and more

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