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Newyork Sightseeing Pass: The Best Value for Money, Don’t pay more than you planned, just see more.

Check out the latest Sightseeing Pass discounts and promo codes for popular attractions and destinations in NYC, and with so many new york tour options to choose from, you can make sure each New York adventure is as unique as the last.

Most passes includes so many new york city attractions and tours, but you need to have the time to do a lot in order to make buying it worthwhile.statue of liberty

The 3, 5 and 7-day NYC passes for Sightseeing are the best deals. That gives you more time to take advantage of the sightseeing. The one and two-day passes are a little pricey considering what you could realistically squeeze into your trip.

Also, for families traveling with little kids, the savings are significantly better for the 5 and 7-day child passes.

Note: If your New York trip allows enough time for you to take advantage of the New York Pass it can save you quite a bit of money otherwise its a waste of money.

The New York Sightseeing Passes comes with a travel booklet in English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Italian and Portuguese.

You can choose to receive the newyork pass as either a card or as a mobile ticket.

Which New York City Pass is Best?

There are several different NYC passes to choose from, Each new york tour pass has its own benefits and is slightly different from the other passes. One of the biggest differences is which attractions and new york tours are included in each pass.

If you are 100% sure of places you want to visit in new york, then it’s a no-brainer decision, cheapest tourists passes will fit the bill.

New York City

All Inclusive Newyork Passes

Currently, there are 2 all-inclusive passes available in New York City : the Sightseeing Pass and the New York Pass.

With your All Inclusive pass, you can visit as many NYC attractions as you want in the number of days you select.

So, the more efficient you are visiting attractions and taking tours, the less you will pay per ticket.

You also get NYC discounts at a variety of local shops, local restaurants and other attractions not included in the pass.

What they don’t tell you

  • The NYC pass will be activated as soon as you use it at the first attraction
  • The number of days that the pass is good for refers to calendar dates, not 24 hour periods.
  • Be Realistic about the suggested amount of time for each attraction and tour is usually the best-case scenario.
  • It can only be used once at each attraction, so it cannot be shared between two people.
  • All NYC passes suggest a duration of 1-2 hours, but realistically, you should count on 2, even with skip-the-line privileges, during the peak tourist season.
  • Line-jumping privileges only at select attractions.
  • Money back guaranteed insurance is an extra $$ of the cost of the pass (free with Select Passes).

The Sightseeing Pass gets you closer to NYC scenery, monuments, architecture, and much more. The Sightseeing Pass offers passes for many locations. Buy a NewYork pass with The Sightseeing Pass discount codes and enjoy taking in some culture at unique places.

Download NYC passes via the Sightseeing Pass App on your smartphone or tablet.

Flex Passes Savings in New York City

The NYC Sightseeing Pass offers flex passes, which enable you to visit multiple attractions including museums, aquariums, and tours and save money on tickets. The NYC Sightseeing Pass, then you can grab great savings so it’s better than buying tickets at each attraction.

NYC Day Passes from The Sightseeing Pass

Times SquareIf you want to visit multiple New york attractions, then purchase a NYC day pass.

Choose from 1,2,3,4 and 5 days and visit as many NYC attractions as you want. Use a promotional code to take advantage of this fantastic offer.

It will be difficult to decide what the best New York City pass is for you, but with the different options available you can be sure to find the one that suits you best.

With NYC The Sightseeing Pass, you get discounted tickets to over many amazing New York City attractions, including:

Normally you have 12 months from the date of purchase to activate your Sightseeing Passes, so why not consider ordering in advance and start planning your trip with our free guidebook.


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  1. Keep in mind that the retail prices for each attraction or tour are usually inflated in order to cover the commissions that these attractions pay to the tourist pass companies.

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