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Amazing discounts with a AT&T Internet promo code or coupon. Enjoy home internet service plan for less with deals and specials.

Browse the latest offers, active discounts, and exclusive high speed AT&T coupons designed to help get you the best possible prices on home phone, Cable TV & internet service. Make sure to compare the latest money saving bundles and special offers.

  • $25 Promo: AT&T Internet Plans – Home Internet

    $25 Reward Card

    Compare AT&T Internet Packages

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  • Bundle TV + Internet : AT&T Promo

    $20/Month AT&T Savings

        Save $20/mo. on your combined bill
        Enjoy an unlimited data (a $30/mo. value, at no additional cost)
        Receive an AT&T Visa Reward Card

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  • Free HBO : AT&T TV Promo

    HBO with movies, shows, and new Max Originals. Plus, get Cinemax, SHOWTIME, STARZ and EPIX

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  • $50 per Month + $100 Reward Card: AT&T

    Big Savings

    AT&T Internet $50/mo. for 12 mos. + $100 Reward Card

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  • $25 Reward Card : $250 in AT&T Internet Promo

    $25 Savings

    Bundle internet + TV and get $250 in AT&T Visa Reward Cards

    Order internet and get an extra $25 reward card when you enter code at checkout.

    Get $100 in AT&T Visa Reward Cards when you buy AT&T TV + internet online. Plus, enjoy a year of Free HBO.

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  • $350 Promo : AT&T TV + Internet Bundle

    $350 Discount Offer

    Double your savings with bundle promo, Bundle internet + TV and get $350 in reward cards.

    AT&T internet and TV bundle packages often require a 1–2 year contract.

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What is the best TV Internet and phone bundle?
The bundles from AT&T U-Verse are a big money saver with the DVR! Sports Package, Family Package, Streaming Package AT&T

Exclusive AT&T Money-saving offers

AT&T Fiber: Internet 300
Internet 100, Internet 300, Internet 1000

Best overall: U-verse U300:
All Included + Internet 300 + Phone

Best premium package: U-verse U450
All Included + Internet 1000 + Phone International.

Best middle-tier package:
U-verse U200 All Included + Internet 10-100 + Phone Unlimited

Channel lineup
The perfect package for you might look completely different from anyone else’s viewpoint as you have your favorite channels you don’t want to miss out on.

Look for packages that include all the channels you want at a good price.

The best cable TV packages and deals should include Sports Package, Family Package and Streaming Package.

DIRECTV has a strong reputation for being the best TV provider for sports programming

DIRECTV ULTIMATE Package has all the big sports channels, including NFL Network, MLB Network, NBA TV and NHL Network. You’ll even get a year of NFL SUNDAY TICKET at no extra cost.

If you never want to miss another big game, this is the best package (sports) for you.

AT&T Fiber Internet Plans
Internet 100 is great for streaming HD videos, online gaming, and sharing large files.

Internet 300 is excellent for multiple users, binge streaming, gaming, and sharing large files.

Internet 1000 is ideal for connected homes, multiple users, serious online gaming, telecommuting, and creative collaboration.

Which AT&T Internet plan is best?

Whether you’re looking for a cheaper high-speed internet option for surfing the web or max speeds for streaming and gaming, there’s always a budget AT&T internet plan for your household.

Internet Starter package is good enough, Internet 300 at $40 Promotion price is the best!

What is the cheapest way to get Internet service?
Searching on the Internet is the best way to get the cheapest cable price.

Cheap ISP’s have low-priced plans, but the best ones will also include equipment, price guarantees and other savings incentives.

When comparing best cheap internet provider, you’ll also want to consider equipment cost and fees, contract requirements, installation costs and data limits.
Can you bundle cell phone and Internet with AT&T?
With the recent merger of AT&T and DIRECTV, we see more cell phone friendly bundles than ever. Saving money with the bundle offer!

When you bundle your AT&T Internet, DIRECTV, Home Phone, Cell Phone, U-verse TV

Double play bundle: When you pick two
Triple play bundle: When you pick three

Bundle DIRECTV + AT&T wireless to watch the best entertainment on all your devices.

Saving money with the bundle offer it comes with. When you bundle your phone with TV and internet,

Existing customers can bundle one or more home services from AT&T for added convenience and extra savings.

Exclusive AT&T Money-saving offers
Can I get AT&T in my area?
AT&T Internet availability depends on location.

This means that if you’re moving, you might have different options for internet at your new home.
Does AT&T offer internet-only service?
Yes, but bundles are cheaper!

AT&T fiber internet-only plans offer blazing speeds to stream all your favorite TV and movies.
Does AT&T offer low-income internet?
AT&T is offering low-cost wireline home Internet service to qualifying households

Low-cost wireline home Internet service
Are you or someone in your household a SNAP participant? Are you a California resident and does at least one member of your household receive SSI benefits? If so, you could qualify for low-cost home Internet under the Access program from AT&T. To find out for sure whether your household qualifies.
What is AT&T fiber internet?
AT&T offers Fiber Internet in Select areas.

Plans include Internet 100, Internet 300 and Internet 1000.

Internet 1000 is our fastest plan with a 1 gigabit per second connection and unlimited home internet data1.

AT&T fiber
What is a fiber optic connection?
A fiber optic connection transfers data through light signals via small, flexible glass wires.

Fiber optic Internet is more reliable than DSL and expensive compared to traditional internet (DSL).
Is fiber internet better than cable internet?
Fiber optic Internet sends data many times faster than basic cable. It’s delivered on a dedicated line, which facilitates more consistent speed than wired cable.

Cable internet connections are impacted by factors that affect electricity.

The fiber-optic internet is pricy.

Cable networks are easily accessible and available just about everywhere, but fiber is catching up, it may take few more years.
What products and services does AT&T provide?
AT&T Wireless:
AT&T Cell Phone & Mobile Plans, Unlimited Data Plans, Smart Phones, Accessories

AT&T Internet:
U-verse Internet, Fiber Internet, DSL Internet

AT&T Voice:
Landline Phone Service & Traditional Home Phone, Equipment & Accessories


  • DirecTV CHOICE
  • DirecTV SELECT
  • DirecTV FAMILY

Always compare internet, phone and TV bundles to make sure you’re on the right plan.

What are some of the best AT&T promotions?
Most of these promotions have expired. Check the Exclusive AT&T Money-saving offers

  • Switch and save on unlimited data plans
  • Buy a iPhone get one iPhone: BOGO Offer
  • Free same-day delivery and setup
  • Get a great deal on DIRECTV when you bundle Internet and Phone, and enjoy HBO, STARZ, SHOWTIME, Cinemax, and EPIX for the first three months at no extra cost
  • AT&T’s Unlimited Plus Enhanced plan, which includes HD streaming, a 15GB hotspot allowance, Mexico and Canada talk/text/data privileges, and free HBO. Even the less expensive Unlimited Choice Enhanced has the Mexico and Canada benefits and free HBO thrown in.

AT&T Internet
AT&T Bundles


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