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Rockville Audio is a company that specializes in designing and manufacturing audio equipment, including speakers, amplifiers, subwoofers, mixers, microphones, and other audio accessories. They are known for providing affordable audio solutions for various applications, including home audio, car audio, professional audio, DJ setups, and more.

Rockville Audio

Rockville Speakers are available in a variety of sizes, styles, and configurations, catering to different audio needs and preferences. They are commonly used in home audio systems, car audio systems, professional audio setups, and other applications where high-quality sound reproduction is desired.

Some of the popular types of Rockville audio equipment include:

  • Speakers: Rockville offers a wide range of speakers, including bookshelf speakers, tower speakers, in-wall speakers, ceiling speakers, powered speakers, and more. These speakers are designed to deliver high-quality audio performance with clear, detailed sound reproduction.
  • Amplifiers: Rockville amplifiers are designed to provide powerful and reliable audio amplification for speakers and other audio sources. They come in various configurations, including stereo amplifiers, multi-channel amplifiers, and subwoofer amplifiers, catering to different audio setups.
  • Subwoofers: Rockville subwoofers are designed to deliver deep and impactful bass response, enhancing the overall audio experience. They come in different sizes and configurations, including powered subwoofers, passive subwoofers, and subwoofer enclosures.
  • Mixers: Rockville mixers are designed for audio mixing and routing in professional audio setups, including DJ setups, live sound applications, and recording studios. They come with features such as multiple inputs, EQ controls, built-in effects, and more, allowing for versatile audio control and customization.
  • Microphones: Rockville offers a variety of microphones, including dynamic microphones, condenser microphones, lavalier microphones, wireless microphones, and more. These microphones are designed to provide clear and professional audio capture for various applications, such as performances, speeches, presentations, and recordings.
  • Audio accessories: Rockville also offers a range of audio accessories, such as speaker stands, microphone stands, cables, connectors, cases, and other audio-related products to complement their main audio equipment offerings.

As with any audio equipment, it’s important to carefully research and choose the right Rockville audio equipment for your specific needs, considering factors such as your audio setup, intended use, budget, and personal preferences. Reading reviews, comparing specifications, and consulting with audio experts can help you make an informed decision when purchasing Rockville audio equipment or any other audio gear.

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Rockville Pro Audio equipment
Pro Audio equipment is designed to deliver high-quality audio performance with clear, detailed sound reproduction and reliable durability.

Pro Audio equipment often includes professional features such as multiple inputs and outputs, advanced EQ controls, built-in effects, and other audio processing capabilities, allowing for versatile audio control and customization.

The Audio equipment is built to withstand the demands of professional use, with rugged construction, durable materials, and quality components to ensure long-lasting performance in various environments.

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Some Bluetooth speakers are water-resistant or splash-proof. You can take it with you into the shower or by the poolside.

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Rockville Products

Car Amplifiers
Car Speakers
Mobile Video
Car Receivers
Broadcast/Podcast Bundles
DJ Bundles
Fitness Audio
Studio Monitors
Home Speakers
Home Subwoofers
Portable Bluetooth Speakers
Headphones and Earbuds
Home Theater Systems
Home Receivers / Amplifiers
Home Equalizers
Stands and Accessories
Studio Bundle
PA Subwoofers
PA Speakers
Pro Amplifiers
Lighting Equipment

How do I use Rockville coupons?


It’s very easy to use the Rockville coupon, copy the related promo code or discount code to your clipboard and apply it while checking out.

Promotion Code

Some Rockville coupons only apply to specific products or new customers, so ensure all the items in your cart qualify before submitting your order.

Can you stack coupons at Rockville?

Rockville doesn’t allow coupon stacking!

Stacking coupons is a simple strategy that helps shoppers maximize their savings!

How to save money at Rockville?

Here are some tips on how to potentially save money when purchasing Rockville audio equipment:


  • Look for sales and promotions: Keep an eye on Rockville’s official website, authorized retailers, or online marketplaces for sales, promotions, and discounts on Rockville audio equipment. They may offer seasonal sales, clearance sales, or special promotions that can help you save money on your purchase.
  • Compare prices: Research and compare Rockville audio equipment prices from different sellers or online retailers. Look for competitive pricing and consider shipping costs, taxes, and additional fees to get the best overall deal.
  • Consider refurbished or open-box items: Rockville may offer refurbished or open-box audio equipment at discounted prices. These items are usually tested and inspected to ensure they are in good working condition but may have minor cosmetic imperfections or come in non-original packaging. Purchasing refurbished or open-box items can be a cost-effective way to save money on Rockville audio equipment.
  • Check for bundle deals: Rockville may offer bundle deals where you can purchase multiple audio equipment items together at a discounted price. Bundles can be a great way to save money compared to purchasing individual items separately.
  • Sign up for newsletters or loyalty programs: Join Rockville’s mailing list or loyalty program, if available, to receive exclusive discounts, promotions, or special offers. This can be a way to stay updated on upcoming sales or promotions and save money on your purchase.
  • Consider older or discontinued models: Rockville may release new models of audio equipment periodically, which can result in discounts or clearance sales on older or discontinued models. These older models may still offer good performance and feature at a lower price than the latest models.
  • Read customer reviews: Before making a purchase, read customer reviews of Rockville audio equipment from reliable sources. This can provide insights into the product’s performance, durability, and overall value for money, helping you make an informed decision.

Remember always to purchase Rockville audio equipment from authorized sellers or retailers to ensure that you are getting genuine products and reliable customer support. Additionally, be mindful of your specific audio needs and budget to choose the right Rockville audio equipment that best fits your requirements.

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