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Why Pay More for similar brand-new gear? Refurbs deals can look like they’re a steal! A pre-owned model can be a great score, but Buying refurbs requires caution!

Refurbs are sold at a fraction of the cost of a new item.

Apple Certified Refurbished products from Apple’s refurbished store are always in perfect working condition, have superb quality plus price savings, and are backed by a 1-year warranty.

What You Need to Know Before Buying Refurbished

Refurbished Computer

Refurbs are almost sold at a considerable discount, but the idea of buying previously owned items can feel a bit unsettling.

The bottom line is that you’re buying a pre-owned item that someone probably bought six months ago and either returned or traded in.

For instance, if you are trying to save money on a refurbished Roomba or stand mixer, you’ll have better luck buying directly from the manufacturer.

The refurbished phones offered by manufacturers and cell phone carriers are generally “certified,” meaning they’ve been inspected to ensure they’re in good working condition.

Third-party Refurbished may not come with a warranty, or the contract may not be good.

“Trustworthy refurb” is a misnomer!

Is Certified refurbished good?

Manufacturers generally offer the best return policies and warranties, and many companies follow their protocols when testing and refurbishing pre-owned items.

Adding “Certified” means you will end up paying more, but they come with a Manufacturer’s warranty and Guaranteed Manufacturer quality.

Note: It’s always advisable to buy refurbished products directly from the manufacturer.

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Manufacturer Refurbished
Factory refurbished or manufacturer-refurbished products are the best refurbs and come with a manufacturer warranty.

What Does Refurbished Mean?

The term ‘refurbished’ means returns or damaged items that have been inspected and repaired by the manufacturer or third party.

Most brands like Apple, Samsung, and Lenovo offer generous 1-year warranties on refurbished electronics.

Is it good to buy refurbished?

Refurbished products are good to buy if a manufacturer’s warranty covers repair risks.

Is it better to buy refurbished or used?

Generally, a refurbished item is more expensive than a used one. Both will be cheaper than new in any case.

Used ones with a warranty are a good option.

Is refurbished the same as new?

A refurbished device was store returned or used as a store or dealer display item.

However, Refurbs undergo a rigorous testing process as new devices do, so defects are repaired and come with the makers’ warranty.

Is getting an Apple Watch Refurbs worth it?

Are used Apple Watches good? Refurbished Apple Watches from Apple’s store is in perfect working condition; apple won’t sell a previously used Apple Watch that’s less than perfect.

Buying from a third-party store or marketplace is a hit or miss.

Does refurbished mean it was broken?

Refurbished Electronics

Refurbished means that the product has been restored to like-new condition, though the definition of “like-new condition” varies significantly.

The refurbished product can be:

  • Customer Returns
  • Defective Returns
  • Damaged Product
  • Display Item

Can a refurb product be re-sold as new?

Selling Refurbished Items as New is a Type of Fraud.

FCC requires that refurbished and reconditioned items are correctly labeled.

Once a product is returned, it cannot be sold as new, even if the product was never used. So, returned items may be lawfully sold as “refurbished” for a fraction of the cost of a new item.

Guaranteed Quality.
Most refurbished products come with a manufacturer’s warranty, like new products and the certified refurbished promise.

Refurbished Speaker

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