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Car renting fees can be tricky, so it is important to pay attention to the details. Rules vary, not just between companies, but also depends on what state you’re in. Don’t accept the fees on the face value, there may be hidden fees lurking in between the lines!

Alongside the basic rental of a vehicle, they also offer extra products like insurance, GPS, navigation systems, entertainment systems, mobile phones, portable WiFi and child safety seats. Now-a-days mobile phones are equipped with the latest technologies like the GPS; you do not have to avail these facilities and thus avoid extra payments.

How do you get deals on rental cars?

Most sites allow you to quickly glance at and compare the cost of booking a rental car from the airport or a local neighborhood branch. Some car rental agencies offer free pick-up and drop-in, and sometimes it may just be worth it to book a non-airport rental.

Look at multiple car rental discounters to compare the options and narrow in on the best deal. Then go directly on the car rental company’s site and you might find an even steeper discount with the Pay-Now options. Rentals paid in advance are typically nonrefundable, but keep on shopping even after booking, because you can always cancel your reservation if you find a better price.

Just like airfare, car rental rates depend on many factors including the site of pickup happening at the airport location, neighbourhood location, the time of the week and the type of car.

Is it cheaper to rent a car by the day or week?

It is always cheaper to rent a car on the weekdays. Tourist destinations will charge you more on weekends. How do you avoid a weekend rate? Generally, this runs from noon on Thursday to noon of Monday but it can vary by company and location.

What is the cheapest car rental site? has its own affiliate car-rental programs, AAA has exclusive partnership with Hertz, AARP can save you money. If you have paid dues for the year, check if you can get some of those back with cheap car rental through affiliation.

Which car rental company has the best rates?

Along with the big names like Enterprise, Hertz and Budget, Advantage, Payless, Dollar and Thrifty also offer car rentals at a lower rate.

Frequent-flier programs offer discounts on rentals, but you need to rent from an airport.

How can I get a cheap car rental?

Making use of the promotional codes found on the website of a car rental company along with the corporate discounts will enable you to bring down the prices significantly.

How far in advance should I rent a car?

Booking two to five months before your travel is usually best for getting a good car rental deal. If you’re booking early enough to get the best car you want from the car rental company of your choice, without risking any late price increases. Car Rental Prices tend to be most competitive during this period.

How long can you keep a rental car without paying?

Most car rental agencies won’t budge on the fees and rates if you fail to return on time. Always Call them ahead of time, and you’ve got a much better chance of avoiding the late fees.

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