16 Car Rental Tips for Every Traveler


Car Rental Tips / Car Rental Savings & Discounts

Car rental rates are the easiest ways to reduce your expenses on your next vacation or move. Car rental discounts vary according to seasons and rental agencies often provide discounts to new and loyal customers. Numerous online sites offer car rental discounts and savers, or make use of the latest coupons or promotional codes offered by the car rental company itself.

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Everyone has the same question. Am I getting ripped off? Are there money and time saving hacks, besides gassing up before returning your car? What are the cheapest ways to rent-a-car? where can I find genuine car rental discounts & coupons?

Smaller cars are the cheapest to rent and have great gas mileage. If you are flexible with your travel dates or can book weeks in advance, you can be assured of good deals.

Luckily, there are a ton of hacks to help you save money on car rental and get the cheapest rate.

When you are booking your next car rental, keep these money-saving tips in mind to get the best price for car rental.

Compare Car Rental prices

Browse through the different sites offering discounts on car rentals online. Websites like Kayak, Priceline, Costco Travel are a few well known sites Or browse to the car rental company site and search for promotional coupons. Combine these and get price deductions, and if you’re lucky enough, you might get up to 50% discount.

Find coupons and save big

Most Rent a Car companies offer online coupons for up to 50% off car rental. Whether you need a one way car rental, SUV, a luxury car rental, 12 passenger van or 8 passenger van, car hire in Europe, cheap car rental, a promo code or promotion can get you big savings.

  • Rent Car from AGE 19 AND UP

    Underage Savings

    If you are 19 years of age or older and have a valid United States driver’s license, you are eligible to rent a car from Fox.

    Military personnel and U.S. government employees are able to rent at 18 years of age.

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  • Student Discount @ Sixt Car Rental

    Big Savings
    The student discount will be automatically applied.
    Save on short-term car rentals including weekly, daily, and hourly.
    More Less
  • 30% Off Auto Europe Car Rentals

    Save with exclusive car rental deals and discounts.
    Check out special offers like free additional drivers, free winter tyres, GPS inclusive rentals and more!
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  • Up to 40% off Bookings @ Fox Rent a Car

    40% Off

    Limited Time Car Rental Offer

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  • Trip Cancellation Coverage Savings

    Big Savings
    Optional coverages include Cancel for Any Reason!
    Vacation cancellation insurance coverage
    Worldwide travel medical and evacuation coverage for trips up to 365 days in length
    Travel costs reimbursement when an unforeseen and covered event causes you to cancel your trip.
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  • 35% Off Weeklong Car Rentals @ Sixt

    Apply corporate rate
    cheap rates for weekly car rental
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  • One Way Car Rental Deals @ Fox

    Big Savings

    Need a one-way car rental? Take advantage of this great car rental deal

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  • 50% Off Fox Car Rental Coupon

    Fox Car Rental Deal
    Fox Car Rental Deals, Coupons & Discounts
    Not combinable with any other car rental offers. Limitations on Car rental vehicle types. Blackouts may apply, rental car deals are also pending vehicle or fleet availability.
    Special rates are only valid for FOX US locations, car class or time period listed for daily rate offer.
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  • 25% Off Car Rental @ Sixt

    Valid for prepaid rentals at SIXT locations

    More Less

Car Rental loyalty rewards program : Free Upgrade

Signup for frequent car rental programs to get membership which will entitle you to perks like free upgrades. Company will note your preferences, will guarantee vehicle availability with two hours notice, and provide reward points. Redeem the points to get free upgrades and secure elite status which is transferable from one program to another. Hertz and Avis are examples of companies offering such programs.

Ask for Car Rental Discounts

While booking a rental, specifically ask for auto rental discounts. These discounts come and go even before you realise. Whether Military, AAA, senior, corporate, or otherwise, many associations get price discounts from car rental companies.

Mentioning the frequent flyer membership can help you gain extra miles, and on some occasion this could also add up to a free day ride.

Pay with a rental-friendly credit card

If you’re making your reservation with a credit card, be sure to use a card with maximum potential. Choose those cards which have insurance cover along with redeemable points which prove to be beneficial in the end. Understand what insurance comes with your card because every card offers different types of auto rental insurance.

Chase Sapphire Preferred Card and The Platinum Card® from American Express are examples of credit cards offering points, miles, cash-back, and the valuable free car rental insurance in case of any minor or major damage.

Premium credit cards are most ideal for frequent travellers who want maximum travel benefits a credit card can offer.

Book as early as possible

Early-bird savings

The earlier you book, the more likely you’ll save. Some car rental agencies give early-bird specials and promotions to fill their calendar. They might increase their price as the rental date closes in. The longer your wait, the more likely that rental company will be out of smaller vehicles and you will be forced to upgrade to a larger expensive option.
Airport Car Rental

Avoid Airport Car Rentals

Avoid renting from the airport as its always costly!

Try to move away from the convenience of the airport rentals; because the airports charge reimbursement from the rental agencies for doing business at the airport and these agencies in turn try to cover their expenses by levying taxes or extra fees from the renters.

Of course, renting your car at a off-airport location takes more time than picking it up directly at the airport so you’ll have to weigh the cost of the added fee vs the benefit of time saved. Keep in mind that this strategy will certainly pay off on a longer rental.

Taxes and various fees can also quickly increase the advertised rental rate, so make sure you consider all charges when you comparison shop.

Always fill the Tank yourself : Car Rental Tips

Convertible Car Seat
If possible … request a vehicle with a full tank, then make sure you return it that way. Car rental agencies charge exorbitant refuel charges when you bring the car with an empty tank. Always fill the tank full from a nearby gas filling station before dropping the vehicle.

Avoid Peak Season Rentals (Summer Vacation & Christmas Holidays)

Tourism flourish at the time of holidays, hence the demand for rented vehicles increases exponentially during this period. The car you desire may not be available when you desire, and instead you’ll have to make do with a costlier upgraded one. Booking 4 to 5 months’ in advance to the date of travel enables you to reserve the car of your choice along with adjustments in the number of seats and the available space.

Reserve the smallest car possible (Avoid SUV’s & Luxury Cars)

When booking a car, try to book the smallest car possible (economy car & compact cars). If you reserve a compact, but the rental car company has none on hand when you show up to take possession, they are obligated to give you a free upgrade. Sometimes you end up moving two categories for no additional charge. Convertibles, prestige models, hybrid/electric vehicles, or SUVs and passenger vans are expensive.

Bringing your own “extras” can save you money (Car Seat & GPS)

If you are traveling with small children, a car seat is mandatory by law in most countries. Therefore, it is best to bring along our own car seat for long distance road journeys. GPS costs $10 to $20 per day, Satellite radio may cost an added $10 to $20 extra per day.

Drivers under the age of 25 will always pay surcharge (Teen Drivers)

If you are a Teen Driver under the age of 25, you will be charged an additional fee of up to $30 per day.

Most rental companies don’t rent to drivers under the age of 18-21, but those that do charge an even steeper fee of up to $75 per day. Always check before you rent, as surcharges vary by state, country and location.

Avoid Car Rental Company Insurance (If you have your Own Insurance)

Car Rental
Make sure to check with your credit card company or personal auto insurance agent before purchasing the added insurance offered by the car rental agency. Many personal auto insurance policies cover car rentals as well.

The clerical staff at the car rental offices are adept at persuading customers to buy expensive Collision Damage or Loss Damage Waiver (CDW or LDW), by narrating incidents of damage, accidents or theft. Although there is an element of truth in these narrations, you could avoid paying high insurance fees if your personal auto insurance or credit card company offers them free.

Frequent Traveler Program Fee

If you decide to use your rental car miles for credit on a frequent traveler program, such as a frequent flier account, expect to pay a daily fee for the privilege. For example, National charges upto $1.50 per day to add miles to your frequent traveler account.

Save time and money with Autoslash

If you are going for refundable rates, then Autoslash is a better option. You will get email alerts if the price drops and in most cases it is the quickest way to save money.

Return the vehicle on Time (Delayed Return Charges)

You will be charged if you return the vehicle before the scheduled day and time. It will be worthwhile to reserve the car for a little longer than you think you need it. Surprisingly, keeping the vehicle for a day longer may in fact, reduce the overall pricing. Return the vehicle exactly the way it was handed over to you.

Always make sure to ask the rental car company for clarity and check the terms and conditions of your rental agreement before you decide to sign-up. Keep a printed copy of the reservation with you at the time of payment of bills.

Rent a car from car owners

A variety of peer to peer car renting companies have emerged which is different from the traditional car rental company. Sites like Turo and Getaround allow car owners to list their vehicles for rent, similar to what Airbnb does for houses. The car owners drive the car to your place for an extra fee. You’re obliged to return the car in the same condition it was handed over to you.

Car renting fees can be tricky, so it is important to pay attention to the details. Rules vary, not just between companies, but also depends on what state you’re in. Don’t accept the fees on the face value, there may be hidden fees lurking in between the lines!

Car rental companies also offer extra products like insurance, GPS, entertainment systems, navigation systems, portable WiFi and child safety seats. Now-a-days mobile phones are equipped with the latest technologies like the GPS; you do not have to avail these facilities and thus avoid extra payments.

Follow the above car rental tips, take certain precautions, and enjoy your trip!

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