The Best Tax Software for Small Business

Small Business

If you own a small business, every dollar matters, especially when it comes to small business taxes. Whether your business is a partnership, LLC or corporation.

Without a good tax software, you could miss important tax credits and deductions that could end up saving your business money in the long run. With the right tax program, you can also avoid costly tax errors.

Small Business Tax Software

Which tax software is best for small business?

Small Business Taxes are confusing enough without the additional stress of figuring out which tax software is the best tax software.

  • TaxAct: Good Value for Money.
  • TurboTax: Best UI but pricy.
  • H&R Block: Best for complex business.
  • Liberty Tax: Best for beginners.
  • Best for small business.
  • FreeTaxUSA: Best budget option.

What is the cheapest tax service?

As a general rule, prices of tax professionals or accountants increase as your financial situation and your tax return become more complex.Taxes

You should expect to pay an average of $200-$300 range if you want to itemize your deductions on your tax return.

If your tax situation isn’t very complicated, you can save money by purchasing online tax preparation software instead.

If your 2020 tax situation is very simple and basic, you can have your return prepared and filed for free, subject to some income limits.

What is the difference between 1065 and 1120s?

If you are a sole proprietorship, you report your income and expenses on a Schedule C attached to your federal Form 1040 tax return when it is filed.

If you are a corporation or a partnership, you file a Form 1120 or a Form 1065 tax return.

How much does it cost to file taxes for a small business?

No matter how small your business is, you have to file your taxes. But, your small business tax preparation cost can be more expensive than you might think.

You can use accounting software (recordkeeping) to record your business transactions.

The more organized your bookkeeping are, the less time it takes to file your taxes.

Many accountants charge you per hour. If your accountant spends less time organizing your records, your bill could be lowest.

Average small business tax preparation cost and may vary depending on your region, industry, and business size:

  • $174 for a Form 1040 Schedule C (business)
  • $634 for a Form 1065 (partnership)
  • $817 for a Form 1120 (corporation)
  • $778 for a Form 1120S (S corporation)
  • $457 for a Form 1041 (fiduciary)
  • $688 for a Form 990 (tax exempt)
  • $68 for a Form 940 (Federal unemployment)
  • $115 for Schedule D (gains and losses)

What is the cheapest businesss tax preparation software?

TaxAct Business is the cheapest tax filing solution.

Self-Employed Taxes for Independent Contractors

If you’re freelancer or a self-employed, you likely get paid as an independent contractor rather than an employee.

You could be considered an independent contractor if you operate as a sole proprietor, form a limited liability company (LLC), or adopt a corporate structure like c or s corp.

Employees normally get paid on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis. As an independent contractor, there is no consistent schedule.

These payments are not considered a salary or wages for tax purposes as no federal income taxes, Social Security taxes or Medicare taxes are taken out before you receive the money.

One need’s to file an yearly tax return to pay federal income tax if your net earnings from self employment are $400 or more.

Along with your IRS Form 1040, you’ll file a Schedule C to calculate your net income or loss for your small business.

You can file a IRS Schedule C-EZ form if you have less than $5,000 in small business expenses.

Independent Contractor’s Examples
Accountants, Freelance writers, Hairstylists, Lawn care providers, Electricians, Physicians, Dentists, Attorneys

Types of Small Business

file tax using mobile appThe most common types of business entities include sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability companies (LLC), C or S corporations and cooperatives.

  • Sole proprietorship: Simplest form of business entity.
  • Partnership: owned by two or more individuals.
  • Limited liability company: LLC’s are hybrid structure that allows owners, partners or shareholders to limit their personal liabilities.
  • Corporation: Independent of its owners, it can sue, be sued, own and sell property, and sell the rights of ownership in the form of company stocks. There are several types of corporations, including C corporations, S corporations, B corporations, closed corporations and nonprofit corporations.
  • Cooperative: co-op is owned by the same people it serves.

Best Online Tax Software
Best Tax Software for Small Businesses
TurboTax Business
Partnerships, S Corp, C Corp, multi-member LLC, trusts and estates
File Business Taxes Online TaxAct Business Tax Software
Premium & Business Tax Software software for small business owners


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  1. Taxact is the best business taxes software with a good price point for sole proprietorship, partnership, C corp, or S corp

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