Presidents Day Holiday

Here’s What’s Open and Closed on Presidents Day

As Presidents Day approaches, marking another much-anticipated three-day weekend, it’s essential to know what services and establishments will be open or closed. This federal holiday, falling on the third Monday of February, not only honors past U.S. Presidents but also affects the day-to-day operations of various institutions.

Understanding Presidents Day
Originally known as Washington’s Birthday, Presidents Day often aligns near George Washington’s birth date. It became a federal holiday in 1879 and was later shifted to its current date in 1971, following the Uniform Monday Holiday Act.

Banking on Presidents Day

Presidents Day is a recognized bank holiday. Consequently, most banks, including the Federal Reserve, will be closed. Notable exceptions like TD Bank will remain open, and ATMs and online banking services will continue to operate as usual.

Stock Exchange and Financial Markets

The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and NASDAQ will not operate on Presidents Day, adhering to their schedule of observing federal holidays.

Postal Services and Deliveries


Does the USPS work on Presidents Day?

The United States Postal Service (USPS) will not be operational, meaning no residential or business mail deliveries. However, private courier services like UPS and FedEx Ground will function normally, providing their usual delivery services.

Should you require help with mailing a package, this service will be available starting tomorrow. Running low on stamps? You can easily purchase a booklet of USPS Forever stamps at most major grocery stores and pharmacies, such as CVS and Walgreens. Additionally, you have the option to place your mail in the blue USPS collection boxes, where it will be collected the following day.

FedEx Express will run on an adjusted service schedule, along with FedEx Ground Economy, which will also see modifications in its operations.

On Presidents’ Day, all UPS services will function according to their regular schedule.

Government Agencies

Nonessential federal, state, county, and city government offices will be closed. This includes departments like the DMV, public libraries, courthouses, and city hall. Federal and state courts will also observe the holiday and remain closed.

Will DMV be open on Presidents Day

No, DMV offices will generally be closed on Presidents’ Day. As a federal holiday, Presidents’ Day leads to the closure of non-essential government offices, including state and local DMVs. If you need DMV services around this time, it’s advisable to plan ahead or check for any online services they might offer.

Retail and Dining

Most retail stores and restaurants will be open, but it’s advisable to check with local businesses for specific hours. Major retailers like Walmart, Target, and Costco, as well as most supermarkets, will welcome customers on Presidents Day.

The Historical Context
Presidents Day dates back to the late 18th century, following George Washington’s death in 1799, when his birthday on February 22 became a day of remembrance. The date was officially recognized as a legal holiday in 1879 for federal employees in the District of Columbia and later evolved into the broader Presidents Day holiday we know today.

Sales and Shopping
Presidents Day is also a notable time for sales and shopping deals, especially for big-ticket items like appliances and furniture. Retailers often launch special promotions to attract shoppers over the long weekend.

Public Transportation

Public transportation systems may operate on a reduced schedule. It’s wise to check local transit websites for any special holiday timetables.

Schools and Educational Institutions

Many schools and educational institutions will be closed in observance of Presidents Day. However, some private institutions may choose to remain open, so it’s best to verify with individual schools.

Navigating Presidents Day
Presidents Day 2024 offers a mix of closures and openings, reflecting its status as a federal holiday while acknowledging the commercial activities that continue. Whether you plan to relax, spend time with family, or indulge in some shopping, it’s important to be aware of these operational changes. This knowledge ensures that your plans for the holiday are carried out smoothly, honoring the legacy of America’s presidents while enjoying the extended weekend.

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