Is it safe to cruise? is it safe to book a airline ticket or hotel?

is it safe to book travel

Many people have been eyeing bargain basement prices and asking, ‘Should I book a airline ticket or cruise?’

Is it safe to book your 2021 cruise? or Book Cheap Tickets ? Advice is conflicting!

Don’t book anything, where you end up getting refunds as Credit

Travel Industry like to tell everyone:
“While it’s critically important to remain vigilant and take useful precautions in times like these, it’s equally important to make calm, rational and fact-based decisions.”

Check cancellation policies of all the Cruise lines and Airlines.

Some of these cruise liners and airlines will end up filing for bankruptcy and you will be taken to the cleaners!

Cruise Cancellation Policy

Norwegian Cruise Line future cruise credit is useless
Royal Caribbean Cruises future cruise credit good through 2021.
Carnival Keep Away from Carnival
The future cruise credit must be used on a cruise within 24 months from the date of cancellation and can only be applied to your cruise fare. Any unused portion will be forfeited.
Princess Cruises retroactively give you a Future Cruise Credit for 100% of your cancellation fees automatically where applicable.

Airline Cancellation Policy

For domestic travel, tickets must be reissued and travel completed within one year of the original ticket date.
For international travel, tickets must be reissued to the same or another international destination, and travel must begin within one year of the original ticket date.
United Airlines refund Credit valued for 24 months!
American Airlines you can rebook without change fees, but only credit, No cash refunds


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