Free Medications, Free Meds & Cheap Prescription Drugs

Free Meds

Where to find Free Prescription Drugs? How can I get my meds for free?

As med prices explode, Americans are having to choose between groceries and drug prescriptions. The best way to reduce your prescription drug costs is to find pharmacies that offer them either free of charge or at a very low price.

The best resource to find Free Medications. It’s being constantly updated, so keep coming back for the latest updates.

Free Meds

If programs and offerings such as these still leave you unable to afford the cost of your medication, you may want to consider exploring alternatives such as prescription discount cards, coupons, aforementioned PAPs, or other cost-saving strategies.

Big Pharma, the American pharmaceutical industry has been trying to suck every penny out of the pockets of the sick, injured and dying!

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For too many of our fellow citizens, skipping prescription drugs to save money or cutting pills in half to make them last longer is a way of life.

Prescription Drugs

Many Americans have a serious problem paying for drugs, not filling a prescription because of the prohibitive costs, and/or skipping doses in the past many years.

Almost one-third of the population doesn’t have health insurance that covers prescriptions and those with lower incomes are the most affected.

Publix Pharmacy offers for free some of the medications most commonly prescribed by doctors for infections, diabetes, and blood pressure, for as long as your doctor prescribes them.

Publix free medications include:

  • Amlodipine
  • Lisinopril
  • Generic metformin
  • Eligible generic antibiotics

The word “patient” began evaporating from the dictionaries of the drug companies. That’s when drug manufacturers began marketing prescription medications directly to the lay public with the help of our politicians. The drug companies spend more than $3 billion a year trying to pedal their prescription goods direct to you!

How can I get my meds for free?

How to get free prescription medicine
If you can’t afford the prescription meds you need, you may be eligible for assistance programs offered by pharmacies, nonprofit groups, pharmaceutical companies or state governments.

Currently, many states have active pharmaceutical assistance programs, typically for people who are elderly, disabled, or in dire financial need.

There are many Assistance Programs Run by Non-profit Groups!

The National Council on Aging shares information about assistance programs for low-income seniors and young people with disabilities.

RxAssist, An online database of drug company programs that offer free or affordable drugs and co-pay assistance.


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