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Online learning courses are educational courses that are delivered through the internet. They provide students access to educational materials and resources, such as readings, videos, quizzes, and assignments, all accessible online.

online course

Online learning courses can be taken by anyone with an internet connection, regardless of their location or schedule. They can be self-paced or instructor-led, depending on the course and platform. Some courses may require live virtual meetings or webinars, while others may rely entirely on pre-recorded lectures and materials.

Online learning courses can cover many topics, from traditional academic subjects like mathematics and literature to vocational skills such as coding or digital marketing. They are becoming increasingly popular as more and more people seek to learn new skills or further their education from the comfort of their own homes.

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E-learning can be accessed via computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, making it flexible for students to learn wherever they are – not limited by place or time.

These online classes need reliable web and e-mail access for communication and assignments outside the classroom.

Whether working from home or searching for a new job, you can enroll in free E-learning courses to enhance your resume and build top skills in demand.

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What are OSHA Courses?

OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) courses are training programs designed to educate employees about safety and health hazards in the workplace. These courses are typically required by law for employers to provide to their employees, depending on the type of industry and the specific hazards present in the workplace.

The courses typically cover topics such as:

  • Understanding OSHA regulations and standards
  • Identifying and preventing workplace hazards
  • Proper use of personal protective equipment
  • Fire safety and emergency evacuation procedures
  • Recordkeeping and reporting requirements
  • Safety procedures for specific industries such as construction, healthcare, manufacturing, etc.

OSHA offers a variety of training options for employers and employees, including:

  • Outreach training programs, which are 10-hour or 30-hour classes that provide an overview of OSHA standards, policies, and procedures
  • On-site consultation services, which can help employers identify and correct safety and health hazards
  • Online courses, which can be taken at the employee’s own pace
  • OSHA-authorized training providers who can deliver OSHA-approved training.

It is important to note that OSHA courses are not mandatory for all employers. Still, employers in certain industries or who have employees working in certain conditions must provide OSHA-compliant training. OSHA requires many employers to provide training on specific standards and encourages them to provide additional training to their employees to promote a safe and healthy work environment.

OSHA Courses

OSHA 10 Outreach
OSHA 30 Outreach
EM385-1-1 USACE
MSHA Part 46
NFPA 70e
UST A/B Operator
UST C Operator
Trades & Engineering

What is Food Handler Training?

compliance training course

Food handler training is a type of training designed for individuals working in the food service industry. This training typically covers topics such as food safety, food handling, and sanitation practices. Food handler training aims to ensure that individuals working in the food service industry have the knowledge and skills necessary to handle food safely and hygienically, thus reducing the risk of foodborne illness.

The training may be required by law, depending on the location and type of food service establishment. In some states and municipalities, food handlers must have a food handler card or certificate, which is issued after completing a food handler training course. The training can be done in different ways, either in-person, online or self-study, but the certification process may differ from state to state.

The training usually covers topics such as:

  • Foodborne illnesses and their causes
  • Proper hand washing and personal hygiene
  • Temperature control of food
  • Cross-contamination and allergen awareness
  • Food storage and labeling
  • Cleaning and sanitation of food preparation and serving areas

Food handler training is important for the food service industry as it helps ensure customers’ safety and well-being and helps the establishment comply with local and state regulations.

Confined Spaces
Construction Safety Training
Environmental Safety
Heavy Equipment Safety
Shipping, Logistics and Transportation Safety

OSHA 10-Hour Construction
OSHA 30-Hour Construction
OSHA 10-Hour General Industry
OSHA 30-Hour General Industry
OSHA 10-Horas Curso en Español Para Construcción
OSHA 10-Horas Curso en Español Para Industría General
OSHA 30-Horas Curso en Español Para Construcción
OSHA 30-Horas Curso en Español Para Industría General

Food Training Online

Teaches food workers about food safety best practices.
Health & Sanitation Safety Awareness (HASSA) Training
Food service employee training requirements
Food Allergy Training Online for allergen control plan for your food service establishment

Real Estate Courses

Certified online courses for Real Estate Agents and Brokers.
Pre-license course requirements and prep for the official license exam with practice tests.
Complete mandatory pre-license training from the comfort of your home.
Post-license courses.

HR, Ethics, and Compliance Courses

Train your employees for conflict resolution, harassment, and business ethics.

FinCEN requirements

Sexual Harassment Training

Sexual harassment training is a form of education designed to teach employees about the nature and effects of sexual harassment and the laws and policies that govern it. This training aims to help employees understand what constitutes sexual harassment, how to recognize it, and how to prevent it from occurring in the workplace. This training can be delivered in various formats, including in-person workshops, online courses, and webinars. It is often mandatory for employees in specific industries, such as healthcare and education, but it can also be voluntary for other industries. The goal of sexual harassment training is to promote a safe and respectful workplace for all employees.

Learn about different types of workplace harassment, and gain genuine skills for creating a harassment-free workplace environment.

Spanish Learning courses
Learn a language online with a cell phone, desktop, or mobile device like a tablet anywhere or anytime.

How to save money on an online course?

safety training

Here are some ways to save money on an online course:

  • Look for promotions and discounts. Many online course providers offer promotions and discounts at different times of the year. Keep an eye out for these deals, and take advantage of them when available.
  • Use coupons. Some online course providers offer coupons that can be used to save money on courses. These can be found on the course provider’s website or online coupon websites.
  • Bundle your purchase. When you purchase multiple courses or packages at once, you may be able to save money by buying them in a bundle.
  • Check for cashback sites such as Rakuten, Dosh, Honey, or Ibotta and get cashback on your purchase.
  • Sign up for the course provider’s email newsletter. By subscribing to their email newsletter, you will be the first to know about new courses, promotions, and discounts.
  • Look for sales and clearance items. Some course providers may offer special deals on certain courses at specific times.
  • Consider group or corporate training. Some course providers may offer group or corporate training discounts if you are looking to train multiple employees.
  • Take advantage of the free trial. Some courses may have a free trial option; make use of it to see if the course is for you before you purchase.
  • Look for scholarships or financial aid options. Some course providers may offer scholarships or financial aid options to help make their courses more affordable.
  • Look for alternative platforms like Udemy, Coursera, 360Training and edX which offer thousands of free and paid courses from top universities and organizations.

It’s always a good idea to compare prices and features from different course providers before purchasing and to keep an eye out for discounts and promotions.

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