The 14 ways to find the best flight deals and book the cheapest airline ticket

Flight Savings

Ways to Get the Best Flight Deals, Cheap Airline Tickets, Cheap Flights, Discount Airfare
Whether you are traveling on a family vacation or on a business trip, airline flight tickets are the costliest part of your travel, and especially if you are traveling internationally.

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Cheap FlightsAirline Flight tickets are usually one of the costliest parts of your family vacation or business trip, and especially international trips. If you travel a lot for professional reasons or for holidays, the best way to save is by cutting costs for your flight tickets which consume more than half of your entire trip’s budget. Expensive flight tickets cause you to choose a more affordable destination or spend less money at your vacation or family get together or stay within your spending limit.

The first thing to know about finding a cheap flight ticket is that there is no magic bullet or secret recipe to doing so.

The best way to score a cheap flight is to compare prices. Whether you are using Google Flights, Priceline, Kayak, Expedia, Hotwire, or others, make sure you’re able to see every possible airline and their ticket prices for the dates you want to travel.

Best ways to save on flight tickets for your next trip!

Book early for cheap flights

Airline flight prices change so often, it’s hard for even the most savvy traveller to tell if they’re getting the best deal on airline flights. Websites now use advanced Artificial Intelligence Price Prediction Algorithms and can quickly respond to variations resulting in frequent price changes.

Identify the cheapest days and destinations

FlightThere is no specific way to determine the cheapest days. On some routes, the fares are cheaper on weekdays i.e. Mondays to Fridays and expensive on weekends. But this is not a rule for every route.

Fly between 5 a.m. and 7 a.m. or after 8 p.m. They are typically cheaper, because most people do not want to fly at this time.

Instead of entering a specific date, you can search for the whole month and browse all dates to see which is the cheapest.

There are many iPhone, Android, and computer apps that let you set alerts for flights that you want.

Be flexible about the date and time of Travel

As the price point of air tickets continually fluctuate, you may get a cheaper flight closer to the day of departure. It’s always easy to find an inexpensive flight if one is flexible with date and time of the travel.

Most seasoned travellers keep a dynamic range of 3 days for their travel dates. This helps you get the cheapest air tickets while not causing any major inconvenience on your travel plans.

Travel off-season

Travelling off-season is a good option for getting air tickets at cheaper rates.

Airlines always increase the prices of tickets strategically during the holidays and peak seasons. So try to book your ticket a month prior to the date of travel during peak season or opt to fly during the off-season.

Keep your searches secret

Airline TicketMany airline pricing sites respond dynamically to multiple searches from the same IP or computer, meaning your price can actually go up the second time you look. Everyone uses cookies to track the retail customer.

VPN provides online privacy and anonymity by allowing you to access a secure private network.

Some people use the incognito function in Google Chrome Browser for checking out airlines and dates in private browsing mode as it resets your cookie usage every time you log in.

Consider booking a flight using another currency

Most Airline Ticket discounters want the ticket payment in the local currencies, but some travel websites let you pay through another currency.

Make sure you are using a good credit card with no hidden charges or fees for foreign transactions . Some people use a VPN to hide the location during the airline booking process.

Search & compare: Don’t restrict yourself to one travel site

There is no one website that will give the perfect airfare for your destination, you can either book from the airline carrier or use multiple flight portals for booking your airline tickets.

To find the cheapest flights, compare top websites like Google Flights, Momondo, Kayak, Expedia, Priceline, Orbitz, Agoda, Hotwire and more.

Social Media Price Alerts

Newsletters and price alerts are good measures of getting a cheap last-minute flight. Don’t forget to follow the various budget airlines on social media like facebook to know their last-minute ticket sales or any discounts they come up with to fill the aircraft.

Be flexible about Booking from Nearby airports

Budget airlines may not provide discounts to all the airports in a city, but you can save if you are flexible about the choice of the airport in the vicinity of your starting destination.

Select budget airlines for travelling (No frills)

A budget carrier or airline or low-cost carrier as the name suggests, is an airline which tries to keep its airfares lower than its competitors. It usually does this by charging for premium services like food and drink on a flight. Example of No frills airlines are Allegiant Air, Frontier Airlines, JetBlue, Southwest Airlines and Spirit Airlines.

Book flights in bulk or book round trips

Booking flight tickets in bulk with the same airlines can be advantageous.

Save on expenditure by booking tickets in bulk in multi-city flights, either by using the same airline or airlines belonging to the same alliance.

Highest cost of airline ticket is during the Christmas and Summer Holidays

Opt for Hidden City Ticketing

Always select a flight with your destination as a layover. One of the best hack is picking a flight with a layover that’s actually your destination. The whole idea is, you get off the plane in between and simply don’t continue to the final destination. The flights are frequently cheaper this way.

Book Non-refundable Air Tickets

If you are absolutely certain about the journey you are going to make, ensure to get non-refundable tickets, because airlines keep the price of refundable tickets higher than the non-refundable ones.

Sign up for frequent flyer programs with airlines

Airlines have frequent flyer and other loyalty programs for customer retention.

Everytime you travel using specific airline, you are rewarded with points that get added to your account. You can redeem these points and avail significant discounts and sometimes even fly for free.

Book Last-Minute Airline Tickets + Specials Benefits

AirlinesContrary to popular belief, booking airline tickets late is often cheaper!

If you are lucky enough, you can avail yourself special last-minute ticket deals from the airlines directly. However, this usually depends on customer demand and the route. Prices of airline tickets soar once the cheap tickets are sold out, at times, you could grab the last week deal and plan your upcoming trip to the available destination. Be adventurous!

Airlines tries to maximize earnings on flight tickets and other services.

Not only is booking a seat expensive, but airlines will try to add on extra fares for anything from carry-on bags to food and water to more legroom seats or additional fee to sit in the exit rows.

Whether you’re flying a budget airline or choosing a lowest fare, you’ll often end up spending more than you intended.