Best Auto Loan Rates for Buying a Car

Which bank has the best auto loan rates for New or Used Car Loan Rates?

Whether you’re looking for a new auto loan or want to refinance your current one, negotiating your way to some savings is not a easy task, banks are in the business of making money, your goal and banks goal are entirely different.
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Dealer’s Lot Financing, usually offer car loan rates that are several points higher than what you could receive from an online auto lender, local bank or credit union. These rates are largely based on your credit score.

Always, keep your focus on the overall cost of borrowing, which is the total amount you are going to pay over the lifetime of your auto loan.

As part of the car buying process, you should always shop around and compare auto loan rates from various sources.

What is a good APR for a car loan in 2023?

1.99% is the Best Auto Loan Today.

Make sure you’ve carefully considered all of your auto loan options when buying a new car or truck, so you can choose the car loan that fits your needs best.

How to get the best deal on a car loan ?

Always Shop the loan separately from the car.

Before starting negotiations with the car dealer, begin the auto loan application process with credit unions, banks, online lenders.

Will Multiple Auto Loan Applications Hurt My Credit Score?


  • Best credit scores will get prime rate loan (750 onwards).
  • Credit inquiries will always have a negative impact on your credit score!
  • Credit inquiries are 10 percent of your credit score and remain on your credit report for two years.
  • All the applications made within a period of time (anywhere from 14 to 45 days) are treated as a single inquiry in your credit score.
  • While you need to be smart, don’t let the fear of what could happen to your credit score, keep you from shopping around for the best rate.
  • Rate shopping exception for multiple inquiries only applies to mortgage, auto, and loan applications.
  • The exact impact of multiple auto loan inquiries all depends on the credit scoring model that’s being used.
  • Get free copies of your three credit reports, from Equifax, Experian and TransUnion at

Auto Loan Pre-approval

Its always a good idea to have a clearer picture of your eligibility for financing. Some lenders will allow you to get pre-approved for a car loan.

What is a Teaser Rate ??

A teaser rate of interest is a introductory rate by the lender to entice you to fill up a auto loan application.

Don’t get carried away, its a Clickbait Rate (normally short term rate for 6-24 months term)

Here are some of what’s good and bad about a car loan process that goes through your local bank compared to other options at your disposal.

0% Dealership Financing : Dealer Special Offer

Many car dealers are notorious for gouging and even scamming their customers over auto loan finance.

Dealership financing can be the best deal, if you qualify for the special 0% offer!

Sometimes you can get low-interest special offers and incentives from various automakers during slow sales period, or year end.

Most luxury car dealerships will match auto loans, if you get a better rate somewhere else.

Bank Auto Loan Teaser rate

Banks are among the best established lending parties around. You can often profit from selecting banks with integrity, good reputation, and a large cash flow.

But going directly to a bank won’t get you the best loan rate.

But teaser rate from a auto loan compare site for the same bank will get you the best rate.

Which bank has the best auto loan rates?

Credit union’s has the best rates compared to big local banks, reducing your monthly payment.

Smaller regional banks too offer better rates.

Auto Loan Financing Term Lengths

Most local banks, auto lenders and credit unions provide auto loan payment plans ranging from 24 to 84 months, with shorter term loans generally carrying lower interest rates.

The typical term length for auto loans is 60 months, with loans of 84 months becoming increasingly common.

  • 24 Months
  • 36 Months
  • 60 Months
  • 72 Months
  • 84 Months

Reducing your car loan could save you a bundle on the car of your dreams!

If you are able to reduce your monthly payment, you can boost your total savings on interest over the life of the loan.


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