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Amazing discounts and deals on kids bike, mountain bike upgrade, road bicycles amd more.

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Are you looking for Road Bikes or Mountain Bikes or BMX
If you are planning to buy a bike to ride with friends, buy something similar to what your friends ride. You will not be able to keep up with the faster road bikes if you are on a mountain bike or cruiser. And a road bike cannot go on the unpaved road with dirt or the sand.

BMX Bicycles are very popular with kids of all ages, because of their small size, but they are used by adults and kids alike for various styles of bicycle trick and stunt riding.

Get in gear with bike racks, lights and reflectors, pumps, tires and more.

Some bike shops may not have the exact bike you are looking for in stock, but they can definitely pre-order it if you give them enough time.

What are the different types of bike?

    Little Girls Bike

  • Road Bikes
  • Cyclocross Bikes
  • Touring Bikes
  • Adventure Road Bikes
  • Triathlon/Time Trial Bikes
  • Fitness Bikes
  • Track/Fixed-Gear Bikes
  • Mountain Bikes
  • Hybrid Bikes
  • Dual-Sport Bikes
  • Cruiser Bikes
  • Flat-Foot Comfort Bikes
  • City Bikes
  • BMX Bikes
  • Folding Bikes
  • Recumbent Bikes
  • Tandem Bikes
  • Adult Tricycles

How do I choose a kids bike?
BMX BikeFew tips to Help you Choose the Best Kids Bike for Your Child.

  • Understand how kids bikes are sized.
  • Measure your child’s inseam.
  • Know the best brands of kids bikes.
  • Choose a lightweight bicycle.
  • Check the Brakes.

Unlike bikes for adults, children’s bikes are not sized based on the frame height or length, instead, they come in sizes based on wheel size.

Sizing charts are a good place to start when choosing the best bike for your child.Disney Princess Girls Bike

General Rule Inseam should be considered.
4-6 years >> 14 inches
5-8 years >> 16 inches
6-9 years >>18 inches
7-10 years >> 20 inches

Training Wheels
An add-on part that can be attached to a two-wheeled child’s bike.

Training wheels helps the child learn to ride easily, and when the time comes to pop the training wheels off, you have a regular bike.

How much should I spend on my kids bike?
A decent quality kids’ bike meant for children aged between 3-8 years costs on average around $60-150. Larger bikes with 20 to 24-inch wheels will cost anywhere above $100.

Don’t spend a ton on your kids bike, they outgrow in few years, better get the cheapest bike available.

Why women’s bikes are different?
Women, on average, are shorter than men, so women’s bicycle models generally have shorter stack height, so that the bike is easier to mount.

Women’s usually have short torsos and long legs whereas men’s torsos are longer.

Today, Most women ride unisex bicycles and do just fine!

Why are boy and girl bikes different?
Boy’s Bikes are bigger. Men have longer arms and longer legs so, the distance between the saddle and the handlebar is bigger. Women Bikes are smaller with less distance between the saddle and the handlebar.

How do I choose a bike?
Always Choose the right bike type based on your needs!

Here’s a quick breakdown of bikes available:

Mountain bikes:
Rugged and meant for off-road use, but you can use them on pavement, too.

Road bikes:
Meant for pavement use, like riding around in the city. Built for speed.

Hybrid bikes:
A cross between mountain and road bikes. but good for commuting.

Casual bike for, you know, cruising.

What is the best child bike helmet?

The 10 Best Bike Helmets for Girls and Boys are:

Razor V-17
Bell Rally
Giro Scamp Youth Bike Helmet
Bell Hello Kitty Child Bike Helmet
Mongoose Boys Street Youth Skull Hardshell
Raskullz Mohawk Child Bike Helmet
Schwinn Thrasher Lightweight Microshell Bicycle Helmet
Marvel Spiderman Hero Helmet
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