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There’s no doubt that Apple makes the best smartwatch you can buy Today!, but the question is, should you buy the older and more affordable Apple Watch Series 3, or newer and more expensive Apple Watch Series 5.

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    The Apple Watch is the best smartwatch you can buy.

    Apple Watch Series 5 (GPS 40mm)
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  • Latest Apple Watch Deals

    The Best Apple Watch Deals
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    The Apple Watch Series 5 is Apple's current-gen smartwatch.
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Whether you’re looking to buy your first apple watch or have been thinking about an upgrade, make sure you consider the key differences before making the purchase.

What is the difference between an Apple watch 3 and 4?

Apple Watch 5
Apple Watch Series 3 came in Aluminium and Space Grey, along with two different case sizes: 42mm or 38mm. Both are 11.4mm thick.

The Apple Watch Series 4, offers a wider range of finishes, adding Gold to their collection and increasing the case sizes to 44mm and 40mm.

All Apple Watch straps are interchangeable between the Series 3 and Series 4.

Both watches have GPS, a barometric altimeter, and are water resistant up to 50m.

The Series 4 is has an Electrical Heart Rate Sensor (ECG app) located on the Digital Crown to alert users to potential cardiac issues.

The Series 3 has an Optical Heart Sensor which has been upgraded to second generation on the Series 4, and the gyroscope and accelerometer have been improved, too (accelerometer measures up to 32 G-forces).

The Series 4 also has added fall detection.

What is the difference between an Apple watch 5 and 4?

Not Much Difference!
Apple Watch 4
The Apple Watch Series 5 also offers an Always-On Retina display.

The Always-On Retina display means you don’t have to raise your wrist to wake the display up, with the screen always visible.

The Apple Watch Series 5 features a compass that will help people navigate unfamiliar spaces, as well as notifying them their incline, longitude and latitude.

The base model of Series 5, now made from recycled aluminum, will come in silver, gold and space gray finishes.

Those looking for something elegant can select a stainless steel case in gold, silver and space black, as well as similar offerings for the Nike+ version of the Apple Watch.

Do Apple watches have different screen sizes?

Models for Series 1, 2 and 3 comes in both 38mm and 42mm sizes

Apple Watch Series 4 is shipped in both 40mm and 44mm, the latest version of the Apple Watch Series 4 has more pixels than Series, 1, 2 and 3.

The Series 5 is available in 40mm and 44mm case options.

Do Apple watches have GPS?

Yes! Apple Watch (GPS + Cellular) can be used for cellular features when it is not connected to either the paired iPhone or trusted known Wi-Fi network.

Can Apple watch measure blood pressure?

Apple Watch cannot take a blood pressure reading.

There are no Apple Watch apps capable of enabling blood pressure monitoring.

Will my Apple Watch call 911 if my heart stops?

No, Apple Watch will not call anyone regardless of whatever your heart rate may be.

Can Apple watch measure blood sugar?

Apple Watch 3NO! Apple watch don;t have sensors to measure blood sugar.

The new Apple Watch is able to use an app (DexCom) that can monitor blood glucose levels through third party devices.

Is New Apple Watch waterproof?

All models of Apple Watch are indeed water-resistant, but not waterproof (as Apple is careful to distinguish).

Apple Inc lists a number of activities that can affect water resistance properties and should therefore be avoided.

Can you still text on Apple watch without cellular?

If your cell phone carrier offers Wi-Fi Calling and it is supported on your plan and enabled on your iPhone, you can also use Apple Watch to make calls and (subject to carrier support) to send and receive SMS / text messages.

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